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Analysis of common troubles of straight welded pipe mill
May 03, 2017

Analysis of common troubles of straight welded pipe mill


The welded pipe unit is the main equipment of the welded pipe production line. The normal operation of the unit plays an important role in improving the production efficiency, increasing the economic benefit and ensuring the quality of the products. Therefore, the adjustment of welded pipe unit, and the accurate judgment and timely treatment of the fault is very important. We focus on the following two aspects to explore. The adjustment of the high frequency straight welded pipe unit and the analysis of the common faults are as follows:

Compared with the common fault of sizing machine, the failure rate of sizing machine is the lowest, and it is simpler to deal with.



First, A scratch

The diameter of the cut occurs mainly in the transverse and longitudinal axis of the pipe section, which is mainly caused by the edge of the flat roller and the vertical roll pass. In particular, the edge of the edge of the R edge sharpening, once the following problems may cause scratch.

(1) roll displacement

(2) bearing damage

(3) adjustment


Second, drill pipe

The problem of drill pipe is rare, and the probability of the production of thin-walled tube is relatively large, which is mainly because of the poor rigidity of the thin-walled tube, and the thin wall is easy to be bitten by the roll. Therefore, in the production of the following problems will result in drilling pipe accident.

(1) bearing damage

(2) the center of the pass is not correct

(3) pipe is not round

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