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Application of solid state high frequency in welded steel pipe
Apr 18, 2017


In the use of high-frequency heating equipment welding should be carefully adjusted the following points to ensure the best welding.

(1) induction coil, whether it is in the 2 or the 3 circle, the width of the A should be controlled at 1~1.2 times the diameter of the welded steel pipe.

(2) the length of the V shaped opening (the distance from the center of induction coil to the point of convergence) shall be 1.5 times the diameter of the welded steel pipe. For large diameter thin-walled tube, this value should be reduced properly.

(3) the opening angle of the V shaped area, the optimal carbon steel is 3&~5&, for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, in order to prevent false welding, control in the 5&~8& range of welding efficiency is better.


(4) the magnet (impedance) length should be about 2.5 times the width of the induction coil. A very important point is the front bar should be more than the extrusion roller center connection 3~4mm (C 3~4mm), then the cross-sectional area should be welded pipe cross-sectional area of the inner circle of 70%~75%, and the bar should not have crystal crack.

(5) the inner diameter of the induction coil should be controlled at 15%~20%. Only from the perspective of efficiency, as long as through the induction coil diameter of welded steel tube, the smaller the gap the better, but it is not up to, due to the rapid movement of mechanical parts caused by the jitter and other reasons must be properly enlarged the gap.

(6) the extrusion pressure of the extrusion roller should be adjusted. Should be adjusted with the size of the unit, steel pipe diameter, wall thickness and other factors.


(7) the quality of strip steel. The strip edge is parallel, the width is consistent, whether there is a sickle, forming into the induction coil if burrs are not completely removed or irregular body will make the welding efficiency drop, will cause a serious turn ignition coil. Strip width is consistent with the requirements (narrow strip will affect the speed), the calculation of the width of the strip when the empirical coefficient is different. The appropriate width can not only ensure the quality of the welding seam, but also ensure the welding speed.

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