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Characteristics and composition of color steel roll forming machine
Jul 28, 2016

Color steel roll forming machine and it has its own unique characteristics, can improve the quality of the tile selection process, speed and efficiency, the usage is very high in recent years.

Steel double-layer roll forming machine is mainly composed of slider, six wheels, gears, pulleys, Cao gang organization, cam organization composition and electronic control systems, and so on. Color steel double pressure w machine of die stamping process is,: first by motor launched belt round, into entered axis, turned had small of gear, and big gear, in turned to Shang axis, through set full of cam structure in die upper and lower movement, first layer w pressure good zhihou again through hinge will pressure good of w passed to second layer, after big, and small gear, came to cam structure, again completed pressure w. After two tile tiles the quality is much better, and soon, two simultaneous operations, greatly improving efficiency. Operations on the inversion of shaft gear rotation gear, Cao wheels, six-wheel on the shaft to complete the indexing position on both ends of the shaft there is a co-axial cam back on, after positioning to achieve accurate positioning. On both sides of the fuselage, and pumps, machine operation machine for oil. Steel double-layer rolling roll forming machine should be in a plane, if there are errors, errors in 1mm. Color-coated steel pressure plate of the double-layer roll forming machine, both elegant and real personality and appearance is exquisite, with a convenient, low cost, efficiency is very high, high rates of use in the industry. Steel double Waji is widely used to build factories, large buildings such as schools, recreation centers, cinemas, its unique shape within is favored by people in the industry at home.