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Circuit maintenance and processing method of roll forming machine
Jul 28, 2016

1, regular inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment as required, without electrical equipment lines are completely removed.

2, Department of blackout, when there was a body near inspection staff from 0.8 m shall be of insulating material to be reliable temporary barrier.

3, when he found the roll forming machinery grounding conductive parts, not cut off power before, in addition to rescue the casualty are not allowed near, leaving around 3.8 metres, indoor left 1.5 m, against voltages damage.

4 workshop, electrician will need to know the electrical wiring and electrical equipment type and function, function of electrical equipment is not fully understood, against risks.

5, electrical daily should regularly check the electrical, cabling, electrical control units, such as equipment, inspection found problems, must deal with. Check the motor temperature, first check without charge, then back test.