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Cold bending forming machine and cold bending machine
Oct 19, 2016

       Cold bending forming machine and cold bending machine 

         Many consumers have been buying cold bending machine for a doubt, they have always felt thatCold bending forming machine and cold bending machine is an object, but not just the same name, but this article will be simple for some just enter the industry For some machines are still not very understanding of the customer simply explain the cold bending machine and cold bending machine difference! 

         Although the two are only two words, but the meaning is different, the cold bending machine is the tunnel support steel arch processing production of new equipment, and Cold bending forming machineis already can be directly applied to the production line machines, functions the same , But the degree of processing is not the same.

         Cold bending  forming  machine has the principle of the average force of each pass, can extend the roller service life. In the production should be designed to balance force, processing standards, installation and adjustment convenience. The cold bending machine to ensure the strength of the material to improve the quality of supporting steel arch, greatly improved ergonomics, simple operation, clear. Compared with the two, have good work performance.

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