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Color steel pressure Waji what is used for?
Jul 28, 2016

Color plates are Tin, bake paint on both sides, usually white, blue, and red. Is to build a plant, and construction sites has blue walls, blue steel is steel. There is also a middle foam, used to do the activities room, there are guard rooms made of color steel plate. Color steel as its name implies, color plate, which is steel colored paint on both sides!

Roll forming machine, molding, molding cutting production after the color plates smooth and beautiful, even paint lines, high strength, durable, are widely used in industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, sports centres, galleries, theaters and other surfaces and walls. Roll forming machine whose components include: color steel roll forming machine, PLC computer control systems, hydraulic systems, automatic cutting system after the device features: color plate equipment using the high level automation software, color steel roll forming machine for production information governance.

Entire Automation control systems using highly integrated network automation system functional advantages.

Automatic discharge, color steel roll forming machine takes the slab work procedure: test mould installation and host with the above-mentioned, then open air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, qiewaji, the feeder roll forming machine, color steel tile and brake block holder conveyor, parking, extruder of repose, rest rest equipment.