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Common welding defects of high frequency welded pipe
May 11, 2017

Common welding defects of high frequency welded pipe


A variety of welding defects may occur in the production of high frequency tube. There are many different names for each defect, and there are currently no recognized technical terms.

The name given below in brackets for defects, defects of another common name: inclusions (black overburnt oxide); the pre arc (white overburnt oxide); the lack of fusion (the edge slotted); lack of fusion (edge wave); the central lack of fusion (central Leng Han); the welding (Leng Han); the cast welding (welding brittle); the pores (pinholes) to skip welding.

These defects are not all but the most common high-frequency welding defects.

2.1 inclusions (black over burnt oxides) such defects are not deposited with the molten metal on the fusion surface.

2.2 pre arc (white overburnt oxide)

high frequency welded pipe mill

2.3 (slot) as the name implies, lack of fusion two edge is not completely fused to create a good weld seam, the edge is blue, that strip have been heated,

2.4 edges (edge waves) due to lack of fusion weld edge fusion is insufficient to produce fusion surface without metal this type of defect, often appear in the edge of the lateral or medial, and similar defects overburnt oxide formation.

2.5 in the middle of lack of fusion (central coldwelding) after the destruction of the weld fusion defects, wall thickness of central section is flat, silver strip, as shown in Figure 10, the edge is fibrous.

 2.6 welding (welding) welding defect detection method using current detected, so it is the most dangerous in the high frequency welding welding defects.

 2.7 cast welding (brittle welding) casting welding is not all the molten metal on the surface, the surface of the molten metal and the same as the burned oxide. The fracture morphology changes according to the residual metal content. But most of them are flat and brittle.

2.8 the pores on the joint surface of the weld joint are caused by the high temperature welding but not sufficient discharge.

 2.9 jump welding, usually, this kind of defect has the law of continuous distribution. 

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