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Control of optimum efficiency in welding process of high frequency welded pipe
May 17, 2017

Control of optimum efficiency in welding process of high frequency       welded pipe

In high frequency welding, the welding power is generally over 100kW, in which the power of 4/5 consumes the coil heating, the impedance, and the heating of the roller and tube. Therefore, the key to minimize the power loss is to set the reasonable coil, the impedance device and the reasonable configuration of the mill. In most cases, the loss of power can be reduced by 50% by optimizing the welding process, and the welding quality can be improved, and the downtime and output can be increased.


 high frequency welded pipe mill


The reason for the low efficiency of high frequency welding is that the position of the induction coil and the impedance device is not very good. When the slab edge voltage to the tube, a part of the current flowing through the V area along the edge of strip steel and the heating strip edge; another part of the current from the inner surface of the pipe body through the opening, the outer ring surface returns, generating power loss.



The magnitude of the current flowing through the V - shaped and inner ring surfaces depends on their impedance, shortening the length of the zone and maintaining its smaller distance, reducing the impedance of the path, while increasing the impedance and increasing the heat loss. The influence of V shape length on the efficiency of heating zone is greater than that of frequency. The short work coil and the larger diameter can increase the internal impedance. Placing impedance device in pipe.

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