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Development of cold-formed steel forming technology
Oct 25, 2016

    Development of  cold-formed steel forming technology

      In the past, cold-formed steel forming technology mostly rely on the actual production process of accumulation of experience, and not too much theoretical research. With the wide use of cold-formed steel in various fields, countries are aware of the development potential of cold-formed steel, so countries have invested heavily in energy and research and development of cold-formed forming technology.

      Cold-formed thin-walled steel abroad, the theoretical study began in the United States, 1939, the US Iron and Steel Research Institute in Cornell University led by Professor George Winter led the development of cold-formed steel design theory and do a lot of experiments. Professor Winter obtained a lot of experiments on the cold-formed steel buckling calculation of the empirical method. But at that time, the empirical formula was obtained mainly through the accumulation of a large number of experimental data, and the formation of the theory in the actual production of the guiding role is not great.

      In recent years, with the cold roll forming theory research gradually unfolded, cold bending molding theory guiding role has also been taken seriously. The shape function is used to describe the shape of the deformed surface during the cold bending process, and the deformed surface is determined by optimizing the deformation work. In addition, scholars from various countries have also made some special studies on the deformation of cold-formed sections of simple sections and put forward some stress-strain expressions in cold-bending deformation process, which are widely used in production.

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