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Fixed method of roll forming machine
Jul 28, 2016

Color steel tile equipment also needs to be fixed, and if not well fixed so it can lead to errors in the production process, if there are errors then the quality of produced products is also not eligible. So fixed color steel tile equipment is essential.

Color steel tile on the main device is to axis and roll on hold, this would to some extent reduce problems during production, but if you want to hold the device still is not enough. Also fixed shaft and lower roller, this Board and housing can be a better link, if not these basic components are solid, so is impossible to hold a complete machine. If these components are stable is ready, then you also need to be aware of is that the plate during the forming process must try to avoid bending, which likely would lead to deformation of the product.

To remind you to be aware of is that after the above points are done, you should pay attention to the symmetry and precision equipment. If you find the machine is wrong after solid, then do so, it may also have an impact on production, only all the thoughtful could use the machines to produce qualified products