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high frequency square tube mill machine
Aug 11, 2017

high frequency square tube mill machine


High frequency square tube mill machine/line is used in the production of iron pipes and carbon steel tubes. It is the professional machine used to produce Industrial tube, Equipment tube, and Auto car tube, etc. Through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurately fabrication and rolls, the whole line reaches high precision, high speed, high quality and stable producing.


square tube mill of technique flow chart

Uncoiling-> Material accumulating-> Leveling-> Forming-> High-frequency welding-> Deburring-> Cooling-> Sizing-> Straightening-> Flying saw cutting -> Discharging


square tube mill scope of supply and service







1 set

Manual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic   expanding


Shearing and   butt welding

1 set

Manual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic cutting



1 set



Forming   & Sizing unit

1 set

DC motor/AC   motor


Flying   cutting saw

1 set

Hot   friction cutting/Cold cutting


Run-out   table

1 set


Solid High   frequency welder

1 set


square tube mill of raw material

Suitable for strip or strip of hot rolled or cold rolled strip (GB700-88 or GB1591-88), such as plain carbon steel, Q195.Q235.Q16Mn etc.


square tube mill of Welding pipe unit configuration

1. on the rack

2.. The shear welder (the user owned

3. cage purchased.) storage

4. molding - sizing flying saw

5. computer host

6. automatic unloading frame

high frequency square tube mill machine


square tube mill of Suzhou Tianyuan


Suzhou Tianyuan Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in researching and manufacturing Precision High Frequency Welded tube production line , roll forming production line , elevator guider production line and SS ARC tube production line etc. 




Q:  What is the function of roller table in the process of production of HF welded pipe mill?


A:  The outer roller is deformed mainly by exerting pressure on the outer surface of the steel band, and the inner roller makes the inner surface of the steel band deformed. The extruding roller in the forming machine is extruded to form the steel band, and the forming of the high-frequency welded pipe mill is divided into several parts, and the deformation action of the steel band is distributed to each part.