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How to improve the production efficiency of straight seam high frequency welded pipe unit
Dec 03, 2018

Times are changing and technology is innovating.The progress of straight seam high frequency welded pipe unit is extremely urgent.In these two years, the industry to see the ups and downs of the welded pipe industry in the eyes, anxious in the heart.

How to change the situation, turn around the universe, technological innovation, to meet the needs of users is the core of development. Straight seam high frequency pipe welding unit, production of iron pipe, carbon steel pipe and other steel pipe welding equipment, users are more concerned about the quality, production efficiency, service life and so on.

Perform daily maintenance of high frequency pipe welding unit. The low production efficiency of high-frequency pipe welding equipment is largely due to the failure of daily maintenance. Check the oil tank every day on and off work, whether there are any impurities, whether you need to add oil…

High frequency welded pipe set master to find the right. As is known in the industry, in order to produce high quality hf welded pipe, in addition to the quality of hf welded pipe unit to ensure that, the professional degree of the machine adjustment master and the quality of the roller mold is the key to affect the production efficiency of pipe.