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Origin and principle of high frequency welding of welded pipe
Apr 27, 2017


Origin and principle of high frequency welding of welded pipe


High frequency welding originated in the 50s of last century, it is the use of high frequency current generated by the skin effect and the proximity effect, the steel plate and other metal materials butt welding. The emergence and maturity of high frequency welding technology directly promoted the development of the straight welded pipe industry, which is the key process in the production of straight welded pipe (ERW). The quality of high frequency welding directly affects the overall strength, quality grade and production rate of welded pipe products.  



As a manufacturer of welded pipe, we must have a deep understanding of the basic principle of high frequency welding, understand the structure and working principle of high frequency welding equipment, and understand the key points of high frequency welding quality control.



The so-called high frequency, with respect to the AC current frequency of 50Hz, generally refers to the high-frequency current of 50KHz~400KHz. High frequency current through the metal conductor, will produce two kinds of strange effects: skin effect and proximity effect, high frequency welding is the use of these two effects of steel pipe welding.



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