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Points for Attention in the Work of Elevator Maintenance
Dec 28, 2016

Points for Attention in the Work of Elevator Maintenance

1, before entering the pit, be sure to pit maintenance switch or emergency stop switch press, has confirmed that the elevator is in emergency stop state or maintenance status, before they can safely enter into the pit. 

2, work in the pit should wear a helmet, the emergency stop will be disconnected, prohibited in the cable, rope or rail sliding, swaying or climbing;

3, work need to use, under the pit when using the ladder, the ladder foot to fall, the top ladder shall not rely on the rail;

4, check the speed, limit and limit switches and other safety switches, maintenance personnel must pay attention to selected safe and reliable body position, the driver with the spirit of concentration, follow the unified command of maintenance personnel, must repeat the password before driving;

5, the pit in a maintenance staff work, the car should stop running, such as the need to start the elevator, down, before the start, maintenance personnel must pay attention to stand in a safe position, to be cable, car care and balance Chain

6, in the pit after the completion of the work, maintenance personnel should restore the switch to confirm the safety of normal, before climbing on the bottom of the pit, shut the door after the door, for trial operation;

7, after the work is completed, the climb out of the pit, the elevator car should be at least three floors away from the lowest level, to ensure the safe evacuation of maintenance personnel.

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