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Relative knowledge of high frequency welding machine
Jun 21, 2017

Relative knowledge of high frequency welding machine

        High frequency welding machine is a strip as raw material, after uncoiling, molding, high frequency welding, eliminate overip, sizing, straightening, cutting off a series of pipe forming process to produce complete sets of equipment or a variety of circular steel tube steel pipe line. 

      Straight seam high frequency welded steel pipe has the characteristics of relatively simple process, rapid and continuous production, and is widely used in civil, petrochemical, light industry and other departments. It is used to transport low pressure fluid or make all kinds of engineering components and light industrial products.

high frequency welding machine

      Pipe welding machine according to the use of classification, can be divided into stainless steel decorative tube, welded pipe machinery and stainless steel industrial pipe welding machine. For example, we usually see the staircase handrails, anti-theft doors and windows and other decorative stainless steel tubes are decorated with pipes, welded pipe machinery production, and industrial pipe welding machinery pipes used in automotive exhaust pipes and other industrial pipes.


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