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Roll forming machine-cut across the Board is not the cause
Jul 28, 2016

Waji in the course of work, due to improper operation, there will be this or that situation, which roll forming machine-cutting tool at work the event is often a cut fixed. Roll forming machine-cutting across the Board does not move, most likely not caused by stress, and when this happens, first of all, you should check that the pressure gauge is enough to win. Voltage 200V above normal, below 200V zero line knives have been kept down, hold pump:

A, mold has been upward, and hold pump:

(1) upper adjustment or switch damaged;

(2) K3, K4 reversed;

(3) the solenoid valve is stuck, switch off the pump, press l, pressure drop, respectively, can hear \\\ "POPs \\\" snap sound, open pump mould up to the ceiling.

B normal no auto, Manual:

(1) hand auto button not in the auto position, or damaged, start button is damaged;

(2) the knife no limit or limit reverse up and down;

(3) die not in the ceiling or upper limit reverse;

(4) data set error.

Cause the roll forming machine is cutting tool does not work for many reasons, staff depending on the situation you want to judge the reasons that caused the problems, and then make a quick solution to the problem.