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Roll forming machine the characteristics of raw materials
Jul 28, 2016

Roll forming machine has strong corrosion resistance characteristics of the material itself, or even direct contact without chemical reaction. Therefore, the roll forming machine materials more Yu Haibin, chemical plants and other special circumstances.

Roll forming machine characteristics:

1. corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, long service life

2. sound attenuation, heat insulation performance particularly highlight the beauty of 2.2mm thick plastic Board insulation 0.5mm mm thick steel tile 2,200 times.

Practice: using color steel tile factory (no insulation) about 2 ℃ temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

3. seismic level seven, wind-resistant Grade 12;

4. Install low cost color steel stamping machine installed don't have to accommodate the expansion of holes, direct drilling and fixing, fast and easy. No ongoing maintenance costs

840-automatic roof roll forming machine equipment includes: machine, special cutting system for PLC computer control system, hydraulic system, professional

1, equipment installation dimension: 6200mmx1350mmx1300mm

2, electric control systems: the whole machine adopts industrial PLC computer control

3, engine power: 3kW computer cuts power: 3kW

4, working speed: 8000mm/min

5, hydraulic pressure: 10-12MPa

6, material thickness: 0.25-0.8mm

7, input material width: 1000mm

8, the effective coverage area: 840mm pitch: 210mm depth: 23mm

9: power supply: 380V 50HZ

10, weight: 2.5T

11, use: roof panel