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The main difference between tube mill and ball mill
Jul 10, 2018

Tube mills and ball mills are machines that act on cement and other materials. High-quality tube mills and ball mills play a huge role in the grinding of cement and other objects. Although they can process and grind objects, different machines focus on different ways and functions, so let's take a look at the main differences between them.

The tube mill and the ball mill are not much different, the cost is small, the cost is low, the floor space is small, generally suitable for small-volume production, the diameter is generally not too large, can be used alone, generally as clinker into powder. However, the raw material tube mill uses a large cover, that is, the end cover and the hollow shaft are integrally cast pieces. And now many pipe mills on the market use a unique streamlined design in the large end cap and discharge system, which effectively reduces the resistance of ventilation, increases the effective volume, makes the discharge easier, and improves the tube mill. Production volume. In addition, the raw material tube mills are mostly single-storage structures, and the inner lining plates are designed in combination. Different lining structures are adopted for different stages in the raw material grinding, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency. Raw material grinding is widely used in the grinding, drying and grinding of cement materials and other materials in building materials, metallurgy, electric power and chemical industries.

Compared with the tube mill, the ball mill has higher production cost. The grinding body of the ball mill is also subjected to abrasion and peeling while impacting and grinding the material, and the parts such as the liner in the cylinder are also ground and peeled off. In the entire cement production process, the amount of iron sheets consumed in the pulverizing operation (raw material preparation, grinding of cement) is large.

The above is the main difference between the tube mill and the ball mill, but in general, the tube mill tube mill plays a very important role in the cement manufacturing process, whether it is raw material or cement, it must be obtained through the tube mill. But even the best tube mills on the market consume a lot of electricity and consume a lot of steel. Therefore, the correct choice of the type of mill, the rational design and calculation of various components, and improve the production efficiency of the tube mill is of great significance for the reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of the operating rate of the company.

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