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The elevator uses the daily inspection system
Mar 23, 2017

The elevator uses the daily inspection system

1、 elevator safety management personnel in the weekly work before the start, should go to the engine room for mechanical and electrical equipment for inspection inspection;

2、 Before using the elevator, the elevator safety manager should run the elevator on the floor, observe whether the elevator has abnormal phenomena such as:

2.1 Elevator of the lighting and fan work is normal; 

2.2 elevator start, stop and leveling the situation; 9.2.3 listen to all sound and abnormal vibration; 9.2.4 smell the presence of abnormal smell. 

2.3 check the brake, relays, contactors and other actions are normal; voltage at all levels within the normal working range;

2.4 whether the temperature inside the room, the humidity is normal; motor, reducer, brake temperature rise is normal; 

2.5 control box button, switch work is normal; finger layer and direction instructions are normal; 

2.6 good wind, 

2.7 Do not let the water flow into the elevator shaft, do not let the water wet the elevator parts;

2.8 elevator safety management personnel if the problem should be promptly reported to the relevant departments and make a note.

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