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The general requirements of the elevator
Mar 15, 2017

The general requirements of the elevator

1 、Do not overload operation;

2、 prohibit the use of maintenance speed as a normal speed operation; 

3、 elevator operation should not suddenly change;

4、 prohibit the use of objects other than hand Operation of the elevator; 

5、 passenger ladder can not be used as a freight elevator; 

6、 not allowed to carry flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods;

7、 Do not use the emergency stop button as a cancellation signal and call signal; 

8、 car top are not allowed to place other items;

9、 Closed before the door to stop the passengers in the hall, car door to stay, slapstick, but not allowed passengers touch the switch on the control panel and buttons;

10、 Operators or elevators are responsible for the daily operation of the elevator, the elevator should be checked, the work found in the problems and inspection records recorded in the operation check records and shift records book, and to the successor.