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The Impact of Elevator Manufacturing on Enterprises
Mar 07, 2017

The Impact of Elevator Manufacturing on Enterprises

      Large-scale machine manufacturing enterprises to control the industrial chain Strong elevator manufacturing is a technology-intensive industries, elevator manufacturing technology is including machinery, electrical, communications, networking, manufacturing technology integration technology.

       Elevator industrial chain of the enterprises can be divided into: elevator machine manufacturing enterprises, elevator spare parts manufacturing enterprises, elevator installation engineering enterprises, elevator installation, maintenance, maintenance services business. Large elevator manufacturers usually hold the core of the drive technology, control technology and integration technology; some parts suppliers only in a single component on a technology. 

      Therefore, large-scale machine manufacturers that hold the core technology of the elevator usually grasp both R & D and manufacturing, and the production of other parts is outsourced to the parts manufacturing enterprises, and the sales channels are controlled and the end customers are expanded. Part of the installation, maintenance and maintenance Business outsourcing to provide elevator installation, maintenance, maintenance services business, so the entire elevator industry chain has a strong ability to control.

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