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The largest users of cold-formed steel
Dec 05, 2016

The largest users of cold-formed steel

       Modern industrial system in the use of insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, seismic and acoustic and other technical indicators put forward higher requirements, away from the automobile manufacturing industry is expected to facilitate the simple, efficient and efficient, good performance. Cold-formed steel as a reasonable cross-sectional shape, good mechanical properties, high utilization of steel and meet the above requirements of environmentally friendly materials in the modern automotive industry has broad application prospects, and has more and more domestic and foreign steel structure Of the authority of the respected. In this paper, the research and application status of cold-formed steel in automobile industry are discussed in detail, and then the development trend and application prospect of cold-formed steel in automobile industry are prospected. In many models, the traditional stamping parts have been replaced by cold-formed steel parts, such as trucks, cars, buses and other load-bearing structure, used as a framework, beams, beams, car skeleton, chassis , A side wall, and the like; a guide rail, a seat member, a drain, and the like serving as a side window frame glass in the interior trim structure. Therefore, the automotive industry has become one of the largest users of cold-formed steel.

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