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The main application areas of welded pipe units
Mar 28, 2017


The main application areas of welded pipe units

Stainless steel industrial pipe welded pipe unit in life, the industrial use is very wide, in all walks of life have played an important role, including:

1car: exterior parts, hot parts

2kitchen equipment: Sink, gas stove, refrigerator

3Steel pipe: Decorative tube, structural pipe, row pipe

4Chemical equipment: heat exchanger tubes, chemical industry stoves

5transport equipment: containers, railway vehicles

6electrical appliances: washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, etc. 

 Investment advice

1to understand the local market demand for industrial pipe

2field visits cooperation manufacturers (equipment factory and mold factory) 3investment funds budget

4Understand the diameter and thickness of the pipe to be done

5which is mainly used for the pipe

welded pipe units

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