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The main purpose of the escalator
Dec 12, 2016

The main purpose of the escalator

      Escalators are mainly used in crowded public places, such as large shopping malls, stations, airports, theaters, terminals and so on. According to the lift height can be divided into ordinary type escalator (H ? 6m), medium height escalator (6m <H ? 10m), large height escalator (H> 10m). According to the location of the drive device is divided into end-driven (or chain-type) and intermediate drive (or rack), which can be installed multiple sets of drive devices, used in large escalator height. According to the drive control mode is divided into constant speed and frequency control type, which can pass the sensor in the absence of people to achieve low-speed operation or stop running, the arrival of passengers automatically restored to the rated speed, to save energy and extend equipment life. 2. The composition of the escalator

       Modern escalator is also the basic traction escalator, the same mechanical system and electrical system composed of two parts.


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