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What are the steps of welding equipment
Apr 25, 2017

What are the steps of welding equipment


In order not to affect the normal work of the next step, in order to create favorable conditions of work processes, therefore the operator must understand the operation steps of welding equipment, each procedure must be carefully completed:

First, feeding. The operator first check whether the specifications and requirements of the material in line with the micrometer or caliper to check the specifications, which is a prerequisite to ensure the quality of welded pipe.

Second, forming. The forming quality of the tube, the welding quality has a decisive impact, therefore, improve the quality of the welded pipe, depend on the molding adjustment, to ensure the good quality of the molding requires not only the design of the forming roller pass reasonable, but also have a certain adjustment technology.  


Third, welding. Pay special attention to the temperature, pressure, opening angle and weld length, and magnetic materials for sensor copper or steel pipe.  

Fourth, scratch welding scar. The grinding tool is very important, plays a big role in the appearance quality of the products.  

Fifth, cooling. In the step of welding equipment, the purpose of cooling is to ensure that the steel pipe is no longer water cooling after sizing and straightening.  

Sixth, sizing. If the diameter is too small or too large, the straightening of the straightening machine will be affected. 

Seventh, straightening. The diameter of the finished pipe straightening, because two roller straightening machine also plays a role to control the outer diameter of the finished product, in order not to change the pipe diameter, the upper and lower, left and right bending straightening machine by adjusting the vertical roll up and down, left and right position to ensure.  

Eighth, sawing. The length of the process, directly affect the quality of the finished product sales, the length of the ruler to be controlled at between 5mm.  

Ninth, flat. According to the different specifications of the steel pipe, adjust the position of the flat knife and the shape of the mill, the feed speed and the strength of the medium, the end of the steel pipe should be smooth, meet the technical requirements.  




Tenth, inspection. The inspector shall check the bending of the finished product and other defects.

Eleventh, warehousing. After passing the inspection of steel pipe, good package, hanging label, stacked neatly, warehousing.

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