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What is the influence of the efficiency of welded pipe unit
Apr 21, 2017

The main reason for the low efficiency of most welded pipe units is that the mechanical and electrical combination is not good, in addition to the use of solid state high frequency equipment with high efficiency, The magnetic induction coil production, size and location, opening angle adjustment, squeeze roller diameter and extrusion pressure, the guide roller position and reasonable mechanical adjustment molding and other factors are affecting the efficiency.



Usually the mechanical adjustment improper strip angle will precede the outside contact, this occurs because the strip has the same width on the two surface of the sheet, when the molding is tubular, the inner surface of the outer surface of the tensile compression, parallel to the edge. General tensile and compression will occur at the same time, the vast majority occur in the formation of the process, if the roller wear or improper adjustment, the edge state will not be correct, so the mechanical adjustment molding is also critical.

The solid state high frequency induction heating equipment is used for the welding mechanism and the mechanical adjustment basis of the straight seam welded pipe. As long as in the production of accumulated experience, welding machinery, induction coil, material selection and other aspects of the shape with the adjustment to the best state, can play a higher efficiency of the whole production line, resulting in greater economic benefits.

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