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Application Of Bridge
Jul 27, 2016

Bridges are a support bracket and cable. Bridge on the project with many just laying cable trays is used, cable tray as a supporting project of wiring works, there is no special normative guidance, the specification of the manufacturer programs lack of versatility, so paint selection process should be based on weak current systems and cable type, number of rationally selected for the bridge. Cable Tray type, using wide, light intensity, layout, low cost wiring, construction simple, sensitive, specification, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

Bridge role of the three, the first is a support cable, the second is the maintenance of cables, the third is dealt with in the cable. Due to the early history of heritage in each country, usage habits and so on a variety of factors, have a common type of bridge. In the data center and the engine room use, United States pipe is the most used traditional bridge, European countries use perforated tray, Asian countries prefer to close bridges, which are categorized in the traditional closing-wiring method is more and more popular in recent years with the corresponding open wiring, is the use of a special open bridge.

Application of bridge in China for more than 10 years, in developed countries but also in Europe and America for decades. In a lab project, compared to the cost of the expensive, high-tech hardware and software, bridge, a buyer also received little attention, but it is also indispensable in the whole cabling works locally.