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C-shaped steel how to punch
Nov 24, 2016

C-shaped steel how to punch

       C-shaped steel is made by cold-bending of hot-rolled plate. Its wall thickness is light and its section is excellent and its strength is high. Compared with traditional channel steel, C-shaped steel can save 30% of material. 

       In this case,It is also because of the C-shaped steel has the unique advantages, so C-shaped steel is widely used in steel purlin, wall beams. Of course, can also be combined into lightweight roof trusses, brackets and other building components. In addition, can also be used for mechanical light manufacturing in the column, beam and arm. In this case,In the use of C-shaped steel we can see that it is mainly used for purlins in this regard, that is, the main play a fixed role. That if only a root of the purlins, and nothing can be fixed live, then it also has a role? So in most cases, will be punched.

       C-shaped steel is how to punch it? C-shaped steel are generally formed by the C-shaped steel forming machine automatically. C-beam forming machine according to a given C-size steel can be automatically completed C-shaped steel forming process. Discharge ① - leveling ② - forming ③ - stereotypes ④ - straightening ⑤ - measuring length ⑥ - punching bar hole ⑦ - red oval connection hole ⑧ - forming cut ⑨

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