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Cable Bridge To Buy Essentials Introduction
Jul 27, 2016

Cable bridge to buy Essentials introduction

Aluminium alloy electric cables bridge frames, made of aluminum alloy material and manufacture pallets or runs through the siphon of the ladder accessories and hangers and other materials to support the cables have the overall installation continued rigid structures. Ladder Cable Tray ladder Cable Tray directly supported parts of the cable short, consists of two longitudinal side edges and some rung of ladder-shaped parts have holes in the perforated tray trough Cable Tray directly supported parts of the cable short, formed by floor with eyelets and side or by a block of aluminum alloy plate.

Hole bends made of grooved parts without holes with a hole at the bottom tray, trough cable tray without holes referred to directly support the cable to part, formed by the bottom plate and side or from a whole Groove of aluminum alloy plates made of solid parts. Cable Tray Guide for procurement and purchase:

One, located in the bridge system vibration places, including grounding part of bolt connections, installation of spring washers.

Second, require fire metal bridge, metal components of the external surface in accordance with relevant norms of the State fire-resistant coating.

Three, metal cable tray systems, reliable electrical connections and ground, use FRP bridge should be laid along the bridge a total length dedicated ground wire.

Four, the choice of cable tray type, shall comply with the following requirements: plastic cable laid larger quantities or larger cable goes the distance, high voltage cable serpentine place mode, to use the electric cable bridge.