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Cable Tray Styles Have What
Jul 27, 2016

Cable Tray styles have what

Let Cable Tray manufacturer to introduce what are the styles.

1, trough-type cable bridge is a closed-type cable bridge, it is most applicable to the installation of computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cable control cable shielding and other highly sensitive system interference and protection of cables in a highly corrosive environment have a good effect.

2, ladder-type cable tray with a light weight, low cost, form, installation convenience, good heat dissipation and permeability advantages, particularly suitable for laying of large diameter cabling, especially suitable for high and low laying of power cables.

3, tray-type cable Bridge frame with a light weight, load, handsome in appearance, the advantages of simple structure, easy to install, it is suitable for the installation of power cables, also applies to the control of cable laying.

4, grid bridge is a new bridge, not only have light weight, load, thermal, advantages such as breathable, easy to install, and the performance in environmental protection and energy saving and easy cable management and so on, more traditional bridge has incomparable advantages, will lead the bridge application in the area of change.