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Classification And Development Of High Frequency Welded Pipe Forming Technology
Apr 01, 2017

Classification and Development of High Frequency Welded Pipe Forming Technology


      High-frequency welded pipe molding technology, including rough forming and precision molding of two parts, it is the core of high-frequency welded pipe production technology, if the strip in the rough and fine molding stage of poor quality or molding is not in place, it is difficult to produce high quality Welded pipe. Therefore, the molding technology determines the high-frequency welded pipe production, variety, quality, raw materials and roll consumption, pipe design and manufacturing sector and the use of departments are very concerned about the problem.

 1、 roll forming technology

Roller Forming Technology The rough molding and precision molding uses a two-roll horizontal frame, and some vertical roller stands are provided between the horizontal racks. For the larger size of the pipe, in order to improve the deformation quality, reduce the speed difference, roll with composite roll. Due to the limited space of the equipment, the adaptability is large, both the thin-walled pipe and the thick-walled pipe are produced. This roll forming technology has been used for a long time. But the production of a size of the pipe required a set of rolls, so the more varieties of welded pipe specifications, the greater the number of rolls, the greater the cost. In the absence of rapid roll changing device conditions, the roll for a long time, generally need 1 to 2 classes of work time, so that production efficiency, product cost increases. So do not adapt to small quantities, multi-species welded pipe production.

  2、Roll forming technology

2.1 Technical Overview

In order to reduce the number of rolls of the roll forming machine, to reduce the cost and to reduce the roll changing time, the Torrance Company of the United States first introduced a roll which can be partially used in the rough forming section of the roll forming machine Cage forming Original technology. By the late 1960s, the United States Yoder company to its improvement, because the equipment is not perfect, roller adjustment is more difficult, roll roll forming technology is only used in the production of diameter pipe. With the passage of time, through continuous development, equipment structure more perfect, to the late 70s, the use of roll forming technology has gradually expanded to a small diameter pipe.


2. 2 technical advantages

(1) the number of rough forming roll reduction, reducing the roll costs and roll time. Roll forming machines are typically made up of two horizontal roller racks with many outer and inner rolls. For all pipe sizes in the product range, the roll of the first frame usually requires only one set, but There are several sets of rolls and inner rollers for the second frame. Compared with the roll forming machine, the number of rolls is reduced and the investment is reduced accordingly.

(2) improve the quality of the pipe. The large-diameter horizontal rolls of roller formers are replaced by many small-diameter reels, and the difference in line speed between the rolls is reduced, and the edge tension of the steel strip is improved and the quality of the edge of the welded pipe is improved.

(3) to shorten the roll time, increased production. Although the rough forming roll and the inner roll, although there are several sets, but not every replacement of a diameter of the pipe is necessary to change the roll. The precision molding machine and the sizing machine are widely used in the rigid frame and the quick change roll device, and the changing time is greatly reduced from the past 1 to 2 classes to several tens of minutes. The roll time is shortened and the yield is increased. Therefore, the roll forming technology is popularized not only in the production of medium diameter pipe but also in the production of small diameter welded pipes. It can be said that after the mid-1980s, it was a period of development of roll forming technology.

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