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Cold - formed steel characteristics
Nov 15, 2016

Cold - formed steel characteristics

      Cold-formed steel is a kind of economical light-weight thin-walled steel section, with light weight, high strength, small weight, good seismic performance, high factory level, less investment, short construction period, seismic performance, environmental pollution and recyclable The use of advantages, is the country to promote the use of highly efficient and economical new materials, also known as cold-formed steel profiles or cold-formed sections, has been widely used to replace hot-rolled sections and other products. It is hot-rolled strip for the billet made by bending the shape of the cross-sectional shape of the size of the steel.


Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

1、Economical section, save material.

2. Wide variety, can be produced with the general hot-rolled method is difficult to produce a uniform wall thickness, cross-section of the shape of a variety of profiles and a variety of different materials, cold-formed steel.

3. Product surface smooth, good appearance, accurate size, and the length can be flexibly adjusted according to the need, all by the length of time or times the supply, improve material utilization. In this case,

4. Production and other processes can also be matched with the punching to meet the different needs.

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