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Cold bending machinery and equipment development direction
Nov 03, 2016

Cold bending machinery and equipment development direction

      China's cold-formed steel industry development, there are also problems such as the system has not yet been resolved, the competition in the market more competition, less negative effects of cooperation, market development efforts, technical equipment behind the unit does not complete, and other aspects, These are restricting the cold-formed steel industry in China's healthy development. How to seize this opportunity to make the cold-formed steel industry more healthy and more effective development is a question worth pondering, to proceed from the five aspects of planning, one should be based on China's national conditions and vigorously explore the cold-formed steel market; Is to develop a complete, advanced cold-formed steel standard system; three to improve the level of equipment and technical equipment; four to improve the technical management level; five is to guide the development of China's cold-formed steel structure rationalization.

      In recent years, the user has greatly improved the understanding of cold-formed steel, cold-formed steel section shape can be very complex, production equipment and technology is relatively simple, one-time investment is small, launched quickly, flexible production, length, width, thickness The same size of the same cross-sectional shape and size, saving 15-50% of metal, although the unit price is higher than the hot-rolled sections, but the project cost is still lower than the commonly used materials, which determine the characteristics of the product, His strong vitality characteristics, cold-formed steel is bound to be the name of the various sectors of the economy, various departments. The original use of hot-rolled steel market, gradually replaced by cold-formed steel, will be irresistible trend of development. The development of domestic cold bending machine manufacturers, the urgent requirements of the basic theory of cold-formed steel to strengthen research to adapt to the continuous development of production practice, and production practice to provide theoretical guidance. In this situation, the domestic part of the outstanding enterprises have focused on the advantages of enterprise resources, set up their own research platform, using their own experience, focusing on strengthening the cold forming theoretical research and heterotypic section steel research and development, in order to fierce market Competition in the lead.