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Cold Roll Forming Machine According To The Former Road
Oct 17, 2017

Cold Roll Forming Machine According to the former road

Brilliant achievements, fully reflects the company over the years in the field of personnel continue to nurture, in the scientific aspects of full investment, as well as the product into a specific solution for the production of innovative strong desire.

Of the roll forming production line, can always adapt to the high-end manufacturing industry, a variety of different application needs, both in Europe and overseas, has become a sheet metal processing quality assurance and cutting-edge technology synonymous. High-performance roll forming system can handle a large number of different types of high-quality profiles, the machine's modular combination of special structure to ensure the highest reliability, safety and productivity. Numerous automation modules and specific companion technologies enable us to integrate a variety of related manufacturing processes to meet the different needs of our customers. By monitoring the computer for wheel automation replacement and its system management, help customers solve complex production needs and improve the performance of the entire supply chain. Cold bending machine knotting method is


a: (as shown) deformation area neutral layer calculation is accurate, deformation area material calculation is accurate, wheel processing symmetry is good.

Cold - formed machine, slide machine roll design cold - formed machine, slide machine roll design

b: no deformation of the region as far as possible without pressure (such as the bottom of the slide), the assembly of the upper and lower rollers when the regional gap to maintain consistency.

c: material bite before, should be based on the former road rolling state, set the guide ramp, before the steady pressure, the material slippery smooth in the roll.

5, the production of bending problems, mainly caused by uneven force, about force imbalance, left and right bending, up and down force imbalance, resulting in distortion. Solution: design force balance, processing accuracy, easy installation and adjustment.

6, wheel processing accuracy is the key, for which the special production of special tools in the projector, zoom 20 times to detect.

7, the main drive side, the use of roller cone bearings to ensure that the spindle radial run in the 0.04MM inside and outside, to ensure that the spindle will not move around, the general ball bearing their own gaps in the precise transmission can not avoid axial movement. Precision Profile Molding Machine Overview:

Automatic fixed length machine production line Workflow: Discharge machine → leveling servo feeding → forming machine → leveling → cutting. The whole process is done automatically.

3.1, discharge machine

Discharge part of the use of double cantilever structure, the size of the material by the manual tension adjustment (φ480 ~ φ520), by the leveling part of the rolling material, through the brake belt to stop.

3.2. The main forming part

It is mainly composed of the guide frame, the forming part, the transmission part and so on.

 3.2.1, a. Guide frame: that is, the sheet of the guide device to ensure that the plate directly into the forming part of the right.

b. forming part: forming part mainly by the rack, side panels, mold (roller) support part and rolling mold composition.