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Cold Roll Forming Machine Extensive Application Space
Sep 25, 2017

Cold Roll Forming Machine Extensive application space

Cold forming machine as one of the deep processing of steel, the process is not only cold bending (roll) forming, and is set welding, punching, heat treatment and other industries cross-industry, interdisciplinary integrated industry. Cold-formed profiles in the production of welded pipe for the largest in China has more than 6,000 tons of production; and pressure plate, profile in China is also developing rapidly in the automotive, bridges, logistics, energy, machinery, and other fields Have a wide range of applications. With the development of China's economy, the future of cold-formed profiles in China's industry there is a wider range of application space, so the equipment for automation and new technology, new technology applications have more demand. In recent years, cold rolling molding has been developed for the most effective plate metal forming technology. The current 30% to 40% of the strip rolled in North America is made from cold-formed molding technology to produce more products than steel used in the automotive industry.

Cold forming is a new technology and new technology for forming materials, energy saving and efficient sheet metal forming. The use of this technology, not only allows manufacturers to produce some high-quality steel products, but also to shorten the cycle of its product development, effectively improve the efficiency of production, which can also improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

 The products produced by the cold rolling machine can be used as a very important structural component in a wide range of applications in the fields of construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics industry and machinery manufacturing. Its products are mainly from the ordinary rails and doors and windows and other structural parts to some as a special purpose before the manufacture of special profiles, so its type is extremely extensive. The cross-section properties of cold rolled steel units are generally better than those of hot rolled steel products, and they also have very high surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

   Therefore, if the cold-rolled steel instead of hot-rolled steel can be achieved both the savings of steel and energy-saving dual effect, so people on the development of cold-rolled steel is given a high degree of attention. It is the user of cold-rolled steel products, variety, specifications and quality of the continuous desire, in order to promote the cold-forming process of a rapid development of technology.