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Cold Roll Forming Machine Stay Clean
Sep 14, 2017

Cold Roll Forming Machine Stay clean

The application range of cold rolling forming machine is more and more widely, in construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and other fields has been rapid development, the manufacture of cold rolled steel with fine size and high surface finish, really got everyone's consistent approval. As now users of cold rolled into a steel product varieties, well, specification, quality constantly thirst, cold rolling forming machine sales have more and more good, in order to their better work for us, we will be in the aspect of maintenance under some kung fu, today small make up on cold rolling forming machine maintenance methods for everyone.

1. Staff must operate strictly according to the operating procedures.

2. Add a bit of lubricating oil to the fixed point of time according to the requirements of lubrication chart before each boot, and the lubricating oil should be cleaned without precipitation.

3. Cold rolled molding machines must always be kept clean and coated with anti-rust grease.

4. Lubricating oil in motor bearings must be replaced and annotated regularly, and it is necessary to check whether the work of the electrical part is safe and reliable.

5. Check the triangle belt, handle, knob and button on a regular basis for damage. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time and supplement the spare parts.

6. Check the switch, insurance and handle regularly to ensure the reliability of the work.

7. Be sure to add lubricating oil and scrubbing and cleaning the machine tools before leaving work every day to keep clean and clean.

8. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment by non-designated personnel.

Cold rolling forming machine produced by the products can be used as a kind of very important components in building, automobile manufacture and ship manufacturing, electronic industry and machinery manufacturing a variety of fields, such as it has been very widely used. Its products are mainly from general guide rail and window and other structural components to some special purpose for special purpose, so its type is extremely wide. The unit weight of cold rolled steel is generally superior to the product of hot rolled steel, and it also has very high surface finish and the precision of size.