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Current Development of Welded Pipe Industry
Jan 04, 2017

Current Development of Welded Pipe Industry

      Welded pipe industry has its own specific historical conditions and social environment, which is the ordinary pipe production equipment investment less ruthless for small and medium enterprises. In recent years, although the supply exceeds demand, but more pipe exports, the demand for steel pipe market in recent years, the market demand for pipe, the beginning of the short supply, large profit margins; a few years ago, the basic balance of total supply and demand, there are still considerable profit margins; , Ease the contradiction between supply and demand, still maintained a high price and profits.

       Weld pipe enterprises have yield benefits, the development of incremental, growth is the size of the general private SMEs to obtain the main source of benefits. Although the ordinary pipe is not very high profits, but the number of growth, expand the scale to win. Because of little investment in technology, construction and investment recovery period is very short or even 1 year can be recycled. "Short, flat, fast" to become the general private small and medium enterprises to pursue the goal of pipe. Therefore, the growth of small private enterprises in the small private capital to almost all of the expansion of the scale, increase production, more neglect to adjust the structure, improve the process, improve quality, expand varieties and energy saving, environmental protection and other inputs.


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