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Detailed Classification Of Cable Tray
Jul 27, 2016

Manufacturer details classification of cable tray

Below introduce LQJ series cable bridge surface protection treatment, choice of material and the coating category

1 importance, according to environmental conditions and durability requirements, and bridge to adapt the scientific value and economic factors such as appropriate protective methods and materials.

2, suitable environmental conditions general conditions should be chosen treatment methods and materials.

3, the long-term assessment of environmental conditions or equivalence of scientific experiments and analysis concludes that appropriate protection when handling may not be bound by the conditions.

Cable trays are thin-walled steel structure and to enable it to adapt to different environmental requirements and have a long service life, our surface treatment technology of cable Bridge frame did a lot of work. Zinc plating process, products by pickling, rinsing, passivation and plating, passivation, zinc coating layer and the surface forming a layer of high quality film, the corrosion resistance can be increased by 5-8 times. Characteristic is the improvement of hot-dip zinc hot dip bridge advanced surface quality in line with national standards, the service life of more than 40 years in coastal areas.