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Development of Domestic Cold - formed Steel Production
Nov 22, 2016

Development of Domestic Cold - formed Steel Production

       China's cold-formed steel production began in the 20th century, 50-60 years, manufacturers focus on Anshan, Shanghai, Chongqing and other individual areas, mainly in the agricultural machinery industry.

       In the 1980s, it was the first time that the development climax, the manufacturers expanded to the east, north, northeast and other areas, the scope of services also expanded to trucks, buses, building doors and windows, rails, shelves, electrical and other industries, but are limited to small and medium Cold-formed steel production accounts for about 1-1.5% of the total, compared with the world a wide gap between the various countries. Cold-formed steel varieties abroad specifications are generally 8000-10000 kinds of material diversification, alloy steel accounted for 50-70%, cold-formed steel production accounts for the proportion of total steel production is generally 5%. Therefore, China's cold-formed steel development space is very large.


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