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Development Trend of Cold Bending Machinery and Equipment
Oct 31, 2016

      Development Trend of Cold Bending Machinery and Equipment

      Cold bending machinery and equipment development can be used to describe it as lightning speed, it's come out, occupy a lot of domestic applications, it is an important part of the equipment industry is an important foundation of our strategic, Pillar industry, its production capacity directly determines the level of the entire manufacturing industry. It has a lot of different functions, in recent years, the national economy and cold-formed sections are willing to steel industry cooperation, and constantly develop new materials and new products.

       The original use of hot-rolled steel market, will gradually be replaced by cold-formed steel, which is irresistible trend of development. In recent years, with the strengthening of environmental awareness, development of environmentally friendly products, will become the mainstream of future development at home and abroad. 

       This trend led to the cold forming equipment, cold-formed steel equipment development, cold bending one of the direction of the development of mechanical equipment is to continue to meet the needs of various applications in the product to achieve a variety of functions. Production and other processes can also be matched with the punching to meet the different needs. I believe that with the development of industry, cold bending unit of a single product of the era will be gone.

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