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Domestic development of cold bending machine
Oct 26, 2016

       Domestic development of cold bending machine

      China's cold roll forming theory started relatively late, but also take had a greater success. Zhu Shu-dong of Beijing University of Science and Technology (Beijing University of Science and Technology) studied the basic theory of cold-formed. The stress-strain expression and the mathematical expression of deformation work of four basic deformation modes in cold bending process were obtained. 

      Type design and production has a universal guiding significance. Zhang Lele of Northern Jiaotong University used the elasto-plastic large deformation spline method based on the updated Lagrangian method and combined with the flow model to analyze and simulate the displacement field, strain field and stress field of deformed strip during the forming process of common channel steel. It has important guiding significance to the concrete design and production.

      The application of artificial intelligence technology to the field of cold bending is also a new concept. The use of expert system for cold bending tool design, will greatly simplify the design work, the efficiency has improved significantly, especially for complex cross-section of the product is more applicable. At present, the expert system has been developed for any cross-sectional shape of the product tool design, which has two major functions: First, to determine the billet in the forming process of deformation of each pass shape, the second is based on the identified roller pattern with roller , The production of roll engineering drawings.