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Elevator manufacturing industry upstream industry
Mar 09, 2017

Elevator manufacturing industry upstream industry

      Elevator car,  car door, hall door, upper and lower beams and other sheet metal processing parts of the main raw materials for steel and nonferrous metals, steel quality of the elevator safety, stability, corrosion resistance have a certain impact, steel Price fluctuations to a certain extent, affect the cost of the elevator machine production enterprises.

      For those who do not have the elevator mechanical system and the core components of the electrical system production capacity of the elevator machine manufacturers, the need to outsource a variety of elevator core parts, higher production costs and product quality is not the maximum guarantee, while the elevator in the long The use of the process of a number of years of continuous maintenance and repair, aging or damaged parts need to be replaced, many custom production of non-standard parts can only be used after the elimination of the original parts suppliers to produce the corresponding products, the lack of core elevator Parts production capacity of the whole machine production enterprises are weak, vulnerable to large-scale elevator accessories production enterprise control.

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