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High - frequency welding machine business trends
Oct 20, 2016

High - frequency welding machine business trends

        According to the survey, the domestic steel pipe industry has occupied more than 50 percent of the market, of which welded steel pipe accounted for more than 45 percent, we can see that the rapid development of high-frequency welding machine, many applications have been replaced A seamless welded pipe unit. Today, the high price of stainless steel, making pipe costs rise to a new level, making a lot of Chollima stumble this, carbon steel is more competitive.

        High-frequency welding machine technology, one of the direction of development. Weld pipe technology is equivalent to the soul of enterprises, technology determines the quality of products, companies want to really broke out, it is imperative to improve the pipe technology. Suzhou Tianyuan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is the authoritative certification, is a professional R & D, manufacturing and sales of precision straight seam high-frequency welded pipe unit, cold bending forming unit, elevator profile forming unit and stainless steel welded pipe unit. Only the production of high-quality welded pipe products in order to survive in this harsh market.

        High frequency pipe machine industry applications, the development direction of the two. In the metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery, vehicles and other industries, high-frequency welded pipe has been integrated into our lives, understand the needs of the market, condemnation, according to industry needs, to produce the appropriate high-quality carbon steel pipe.

        In modern society, the use of the domestic market, a strong supply chain, industry wide application of the advantages to open a new door into the pipe industry it! Suzhou Tianyuan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. to answer the investment in the steel industry, free high-frequency welding machine technology, immediately call the hotline.

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