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How to debug C steel
Nov 29, 2016

How to debug C steel


      First do not take the limit switch plug, respectively, the implementation of the various solenoid valve action, adjust the solenoid valve plug to action corresponding. And the mold and tool are transferred to about the middle position. Plug in the limit switch plug, connect the limit switch, limit switch all normally open contacts. The plug has three cables, corresponding to three groups of actions, each cable has a sign, each cable has three wires, the general black or yellow is a common line. If you can not distinguish between the available one to touch the other two lines, while observing the work of the PLC input indicator state, and the other two lines can light the light is the public touch line, light a single number of lights is Upper limit, the lower limit of the dual-indicator light is on. 12,13 light is on the hole in the limit, light 14,15 is the edge of the hole limit, light 16,17 light is the tool limit. Turn the counter clockwise along the board, note the value of the increase in normal, if the decline should be adjusted to adjust the PLC's X0, X1 input line.

Key description

      ESC current length clear key; ALM current number of clear key; ▼ screen down key; ▲ screen flip key; SET data modification selection key; ENT data validation key; CLR data clear key; 0--9 digital direct key . You can perform various debugging actions manually.

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