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Information on safe operation of elevators
Jan 02, 2017

Information on safe operation of elevators

If any of the following phenomena occur during normal operation, the elevator shall be immediately deactivated and the qualified service personnel shall be notified of the qualified service before being put into use again. In this case,

Need special instructions: non-maintenance personnel are not allowed to attempt to repair the elevator, to prevent equipment damage and danger!

4.1, in the car door or any layer of the door is not closed, press the command button to start the elevator;

4.2, in the hall without special means can easily open layer door;

4.3, the body touches the metal parts of the elevator parts when the phenomenon of Ma;

4.4, the elevator running direction and the selected and the direction of the opposite;

4.5, to reach the election layer of the station, the elevator can not perform the normal speed, but the flat layer after docking is too large or can not automatically open the door when docked;

4.6, under the rated load and run beyond the end station;

4.7. The elevator is running at the rated speed and the speed governor and safety gear move.

4.8, within the election, call, speed, flat layer and finger signal failure when out of control;

4.9, when the operating speed changes significantly;

4.10, the elevator in the course of the operation, in the absence of the car inside and outside the command registration signal of the landing, the lift automatically and the floor level to open the door; or abnormal stop halfway;

4.11, a frequent blowout of any fuse or any air switch frequent action;

4.12, the elevator in the start, run, stop, open the door in the process, there are abnormal noise, shock, vibration;

4.13, the occurrence of electrical or mechanical parts damage and no car lighting;