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International elevator industry development process
Feb 15, 2017

International elevator industry development process

      At the beginning of the 19th century, in Europe and the United States began to use the steam engine as a lifting tool power. In 1889, the lift began to use electric drive, the elevator began to develop rapidly. The development of elevator in the drive control technology has experienced the DC motor drive control, AC single speed motor drive control, AC two-speed motor drive control, DC gear, no gear speed drive control, AC voltage regulation drive control, AC variable Variable frequency frequency drive control, AC permanent magnet synchronous motor frequency control drive control and other stages.

      The first half of the 20th century, DC speed control system in the high-speed elevator has occupied a large proportion. At the end of the 1990s, Fujitsu developed a variable speed moving sidewalk, which improved the safety of passengers moving up and down the sidewalk and shortened the ladder time for long journeys. Today, the world's elevator companies are constantly carrying out new elevator research and development, maintenance and repair service system, and strive to meet people's growing demand for modern construction traffic.

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