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Management of Elevator Room and Well
Jan 02, 2017

Management of Elevator Room and Well

 A), the engine room maintenance personnel should be on duty maintenance, other personnel are not allowed to enter. Room door should be locked, and marked with "room-heavy idle-free" words;

(B), the engine room should ensure that no dust, rain, snow, storms may be invasive;

(C), the room should have good ventilation and insulation measures;

(D), the engine room should be kept clean, dry, non-dust and non-explosive, corrosive gases, in addition to inspection, maintenance, maintenance must be simple tools, should not store other items;

(5) If there is a trap door in the engine room, it shall be set up at the door with a red permanent sign: "The shaft of the elevator is dangerous! It is strictly forbidden to enter the building without permission";

(6) Except for the provisions of the elevator equipment, the hoistway shall not store debris or laying water pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes, wires, cables and other facilities;

(G), the elevator more than two weeks time out, the room should be shut down the total power switch;

(8), the engine room beam on the lifting hook should be set limit load number sign;

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