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Market Dynamics of Welded Pipe in China
Oct 21, 2016

Market Dynamics of Welded Pipe in China


      China's welded pipe unit is mainly distributed in metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, military, light industry, construction, labor and other industries, enterprise-shaped owned, collective, private, joint ventures, townships and other forms. From the pipe industry macro management and management point of view, there is no specific government departments to conduct a comprehensive macro-management of the industry. Is the metallurgical industry earlier market regulation of a class of products, the development is very rapid, but also caused a large degree of duplication. 

      This situation will determine the oversupply of pipe market in China, the competition of similar enterprises is very intense. In this case, the domestic oil pipe plant and some enterprises, and actively explore the international market, has achieved great success, such as China Petroleum Materials and Equipment Corporation in 1997 in the Sudan pipeline construction in one fell swoop, won the 200,000 t spiral welding Steel pipe exports. Baoji Steel Pipe Plant in India, Pakistan and other pipeline projects in the successful export spiral welded pipe 50,000 t. There are a number of welded pipe enterprises to export pipe products abroad, and achieved certain results.

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