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Notes on Drivers and Managers in Operation of Elevators
Dec 30, 2016

Notes on Drivers and Managers in Operation of Elevators

2.1, on the driver control of the elevator, drivers need to leave the car during working hours, the elevator should be open to the base station, close the door, car door, lock the electric lock switch, cut off the whole ladder power;

2.2, is strictly prohibited non-driver personnel, casually manipulate the operation panel on the switch and has nothing to do with the button and other electrical components;

2.3, the car load should not exceed the rated load of the elevator; 2.4, the passenger elevator is not allowed to frequently used as a cargo elevator;

2.5, is strictly prohibited the shipment of flammable, explosive dangerous goods. In case of special circumstances, may be approved by the lift management and take reliable security measures before shipment;

2.6, shall not be pulled through the function switch or emergency stop button and other methods, as the normal operation of the consumer number;

2.7, shall not attempt to open a security window or car security door to carry long pieces of goods;

2.8, should be discouraged car passengers do not rely on the car door to prevent the elevator doors closed or the door when the collision passengers or clothing, etc.;

2.9, the top of the car except for their own equipment, the elevator shall not place other goods;

2.10, the transport of goods of heavy weight, the object should be placed in the car center to prevent uneven car tilt and affect the normal operation of the elevator;

2.11, no one shall be allowed in the layer, the car door in the middle of a long time to stop or stay.

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