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Operating instructions for type C steel
Nov 28, 2016

Operating instructions for type C steel

      Caution: 1. Always disconnect the power supply during installation. 2. Check the wiring inside the control cabinet for reasons such as transport terminals are loose. 3. Non-professionals do not arbitrarily modify the internal lines, so as to avoid danger. 4. Be sure to ground the three-level standard. Please follow the instructions.


Installation wiring

       # The machine power supply is 3 fire 1 zero, 3 phase fire connection A, B, C, zero line then N. C steel motor connected U, V, W. Flying saw motor connected U1, V1, W1. Pump motor connected U2, V2, W2 ,. Side hole down solenoid valve connected to K1, side hole return solenoid valve connected to K2, the middle hole washed down solenoid valve connected to K3, in the hole return solenoid valve connected to K4, sawing solenoid valve connected K5, sawing solenoid valve connected to K6. The common line of the solenoid valve connects the neutral line.

After the completion of the wiring, move the air box inside the switch box, the whole power transmission, observe whether the abnormal and odor, if any abnormalities should be immediately power failure check, about one minute later, if everything is normal, test machine.

      Wiring when there are special care, attention to safety. Connect the device to a safe ground wire.

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